What is a mention, and how does it effect your Online Reputation?

A mention occurs when someone types your business name in a chat box or when a user talks about you, your business or your brand. This can occur anywhere online. It may appear in a comments field on a blog, in the feed of a Facebook page, in the text of a user review, in the tag of a Instagram photo? Perhaps in a tweet. You get the idea.

Mentions are occurring everywhere. To discover what people are saying about you and to maintain your business' reputation, you had best be listening out for negative and positive mentions.

To be effective, you must be monitoring more than just the traditional review sites for mentions of your business.

What sort of Mentions Should I be listening for?

You should be monitoring mentions of your actual business name, and other common names your business is Also Known As (A.K.A). It is also a good idea to be monitoring for mentions of the names of your senior staff members.

Reputation Hero provides a Mention Monitoring Service as part of our Digital Done With You and Digital Done For You service bundles.

How to Manage Online Reviews