Business Listings and Citations

The Claiming of Business Listings Gains You Citations and Improves Rankings and Your Online Reputation

The easiest way of improving the visibility of your business in Google's Local Pack Search Results is through the building of consistent citations for your business.

What is a citation?

A citation is created when your business is "cited" on another website. Google is checking for appearances of your business details on certain websites, social media platforms and online directories. In particular, Google is looking to see if your business NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE (NAP) appears AND if it matches the NAP on your Google My Business listing.  Consistency is the key factor here. If you are going to get "retentive" about something, make it this! Make sure that any listing claimed is in EXACTLY the same name as your business, with exactly the same address including the EXACT same formatting as that on your Google My Business listing.

Duplicate Citation?

Duplicate citations occur when your NAP appears multiple times on the same service. Duplicate citations are best avoided. They typically have an error or misalignment with your Google My Business listing.

Reputation Management and Mentions